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Content includes: History of the development of trigger point concepts, Travell and Simons Muscle physiology The unique neurobiology of muscle pain Incidence of trigger points Biomedical and pain sciences models Peripheral and central sensitisation models Trigger point definition Clinical features of trigger points Trigger point signs and symptoms Types of trigger points Trigger point palpation techniques Trigger point pathogenesis and scientific evidence The integrated hypothesis of trigger point formation Causes of trigger point Selected treatment options for management of trigger points Manual therapy, ice and stretch, dry needling demo, modalities, stretch, strength etc Perpetuating factors relevant to trigger points Education Safety, documentation, post treatment soreness Demonstration and practical hands on practice for 20 common muscles What to Bring: Shorts and a sports top for ladies. A small bath towel
Muscles Covered: Trapezius Levator scapula Post neck - splenius capitus Supraspinatus Infraspinatus / teres minor Subscapularis Pectoralis major Pectoralis minor Bicpes Triceps Erector spinae Quadratus lumborum Iliopsoas Gluteus medius, minimus Piriformis Hamstrings Gastroc Soleus Quadriceps
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