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Terms and Conditions: Please also refer to the terms and conditions for each individual course. We reserve the right to alter course content and format may change as appropriate. The course will be taught and instructed by the stated lecturer or replacement if required. We reserve the right to cancel indefinitely or change the course particulars. Given the logistical preparation there is always the chance for difficulties to arise. This would only occur under exceptional circumstances. We will not be held liable for costs incurred by individuals including but not limited to travel, accommodation cost and days off work. Please note that a refund cannot be given for this course if a cancellation is made 4 weeks prior to course date. After that only if a substitute found. Certificate of attendance will be supplied and is not a statement of competency nor is it a statement of a formal qualification. Receipts will be supplied. Please note that a consent form will be required for the clinical sessions. Please note indemnity insurance is required. Current ISCP members are automatically covered for attendance at courses for insurances purposes per ISCP policy July 2006. The individual Physiotherapist will be solely responsible for application of any techniques practised or utilized in the clinical setting. As a Chartered Physiotherapist you will be required to follow the Rules of Professional Conduct and Scope of Practice as outlined by the ISCP. As an MISCP you are required tofollow the ISCP Guidelines for Dry Needling Practice 2012 (www.iscp.ie). If you are suffering from any medical condition, communicable disease, pain condition of if you are pregnant, you will be required to bring this to the attention of the course organiser, confidentially and prior to the course. Should you carry only Health-board or hospital insurance you will require a letter from the Physiotherapy Director or Human resources stating you are covered under their policy. Disclaimer: Exclusion of liability for www.unitedphysiocourses.com or www.unitedphysio.com The liability of www.unitedphysiocourses.com or www.unitedphysio.com for any damage in connection with the use of this website is excluded to the broadest extent permitted by law. The content of this website is for information purposes only and does not constitute advice, contract or offer for any products or services related to healthcare. www.unitedphysiocourses.com or www.unitedphysio.com endeavours to provide information of high quality but does not in any way give any warranties/ representations regarding correctness, accuracy, relevancy and completeness of such information. www.unitedphysiocourses.com www.unitedphysio.com has no obligation to update or amend any of the information contained herein. The website contains links to other websites. www.unitedphysiocourses.com or www.unitedphysio.com excludes any liability for the contents or the proper function of such links and of third party websites. Any liability of www.unitedphysiocourses.com or www.unitedphysio.com for damages caused by imported data of any kind (viruses, malware, etc.) as well as through links from and to other websites is hereby excluded. www.unitedphysiocourses or www.unitedpyhsio.com or other linked emails does not guarantee response to emails. If individuals are seeking medical advice they should attend their physician or local hospital.
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