This is a David G Simons AcademyTM course 6 day, 48 hour CPD course in Trigger Point Dry Needling. The course is delivered in 2 x 3 day modules as DN1 and DN2 over 48 hours. Trigger Point Dry Needling Trigger Point Dry needling (TrPDN) is an effective treatment option in the management of myofascial trigger point pain and dysfunction. TrPDN involves the insertion of a solid filament needle into areas in the body and is therefore an invasive treatment. Techniques include superficial dry needling and deep dry needling, which usually entails needling into myofascial trigger points to evoke local twitch responses (LTR’S). Studies have shown that the elicitation of LTR’s has an effect on the local chemical millieu of the trigger point. DN is not considered acupuncture and was developed from western medicine and in particular the work of Dr Janet Travell MD (1902- 1997). TrPDN can be successfuly used in suitable patients and is usually used in a multimodal treatment plan. Only suitably trained professional healthcare clinicians should practice dry needling. List of muscles covered on DN1 & DN2  
Course outline: Dry Needling 1 & 2
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Dry Needling Outline
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TrP DN Course Brochure 2015 Dry Needling Course Early Bird Specials 650Euro Versus 775Euro 15% discount per module
Trigger Point Dry Needling DN1 (24 hours - 3 days) Introduction Technique Safety Extremities DN2 (24 hours - 3 days) Review Technique Safety Spine, Head, Neck Trunk