Donatelli Shoulder Course
Setting the standard in shoulder rehabilitation, Dr Donatelli PT is the editor and author of the landmark publication - Physical Therapy of the Shoulder - Now entering its 5th edition / 25 years Understand and demystify the shoulder, Learn to assess,Understand specificity, Treatment strategies This is the 5rd annual Irish Course. This has been a very popular course. Course Overview This new edition of the shoulder course was developed from new research and clinical findings. New ideas and techniques have been incorporated into the course content. The use of special tests and a review of musculoskeletal dysfunction is essential for the clinician. This course will teach the therapist those skills necessary in making a thorough evaluation of the shoulder to make a differential soft tissue diagnosis. The evaluation of the musculoskeletal system is essential for designing a rehabilitation program. State of the art techniques will be discussed along with the most current research findings. Course Duration & Cost 15 hours over 2 days / Lecture and lab based Cost €295 Course Objectives Upon completion of the course, participants will be able to ... 1) Describe normal mechanics of the shoulder in relation to evaluation and treatment. 2) Perform an evaluation of the shoulder complex, structural, muscle testing, and special tests. 3) Describe the interrelationship of soft tissue structures between the shoulder and the upper quadrant. 4) Perform special tests to the shoulder. 5) Perform individual mobilization techniques to the shoulder. 6) Design and develop a rehabilitation program for the stiff and painful shoulder. 7) Identify various pathologies of the shoulder. 8) Identify surgical procedures for repair of shoulder traumatic injuries. 9) Peripheral Nerve mobilization techniques.  
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Dates for 2016  TBA Course Venue The Pavilion University of Limerick