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Donatelli Hip 2012
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Summary: This course offers a review of hip and core to floor stability concepts. These concepts are pertinent to rehabilitating patients with musculoskeletal dysfunction including the sporting population. This is a unique course and draws on Dr Robert Donatelli’s experience as an accomplished clinician who has worked with athletes from many sports including golf, tennis, baseball, American football, mixed martial arts, boxing and including Cirque Du Soleil athletes. This coupled with his academic background as editor of several well know texts puts him in a unique position to offer an insightful look at Hip, core to floor rehabilitation. This course will offer a unique look at various aspects of functional rehabilitation and prehabilitation of the core to floor functional chain Topics will include: The anatomy of the CORE,Pelvic-Hip-Knee key factors, Trunk globe and local muscle function Hip patterns of dysfunction and etiology of injury, How to rehabilitate patella tendon overuse Neuromuscular Rehabilitation, Etiology of ACL injury, Perturbation - Vestibular, Plyometrics Muscle Physiology of Strength Training Concepts, How to develop a strength training program Considerations in the vestibular system and Final gaze Lab evaluation of the CORE, Lab evaluation of the vestibular system, Balance training Manual therapy Lab Evaluation of Vision Assessment, Dynamic Visual Acuity DVD on CORE training - Balance, DVD Case Studies Lab Evaluation/ mobilization of the Knee and Foot
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