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Trigger Point Manual Therapy Foundations of myofascial trigger point and manual therapy. This is a standalone 2 day course that introduces the physiotherapist to trigger point concepts and treatment management strategies. This course is also a prerequisite for the David G Simons AcademyTM Trigger Point Dry Needling courses.
Trigger Point Dry Needling David G Simons AcademyTM  This course offers a comprehensive approach to Trigger Point Dry Needling for physiotherapists and is offered in conjunction with the David G Simons AdacemyTM of Switzerland. This is a 6 day course delivered in two modules. Dry Needling 1 & Dry Needling 2
Other Courses We collaborate with several international educators to bring high quality education and courses to Ireland including. Dry Needling Refresher 2011 (DGSA) Dr Robert Donatelli PT, PhD  
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